Rev. May 2021


Board will be elected on the last day of January each calendar year for a term of one year  beginning on the first day of February. There will be five board members up for election: president, vice-president, treasurer, membership, and marketing/public relations. Treasurer position may be held for up to 2 years maximum.  

  • Nominations will be accepted up to one month in advance.  
  • Election will be a simple majority.  
  • Current vice-president may automatically be nominated for the position of president at his/her discretion.  
  • Any board member may be voted out of office by a vote of 90% of all active members.
  • Subsequent election would be for the period of the remaining term, with normal elections held on the appropriate annual election.


President: Preside over each weekly meeting, plan social/other events or functions, preside over elected board, enforce by-laws.  

Vice-president: Assist the president, preside over meetings in president’s absence, schedule weekly presentations, enforce by-laws.

Treasurer: Monitor and balance group’s bank account, manage AR and AP, handle all other monetary items, enforce spending guidelines.

Membership: Take attendance, ensure all administrative items are completed by members such as membership forms and dues, check references for new members, make sure all guests receive a warm welcome and a membership application, introduce guests to the members in attendance.  

Marketing/Public Relations: Handle any marketing or PR activities for the group such as advertising and fundraising.


  • President may spend up to $50/month without board approval for ancillary items.
  • All individual purchases above $50 will require a vote from the board.  
  • Any member in good standing may request a copy of the group’s bank records, to be furnished within 10 business days.
  • The bank account must have two authorizing signatures on record for the group’s accounts, one being the treasurer and the other preferably another board member such as the president.  
  • Large expenditures of the group’s money for an event or advertising or outing will be discussed in open forum during a normal weekly meeting, but the TBN board will have the ultimate vote after membership input.


  • Prospective members may attend up to 2 meetings before submitting a membership application.  
  • Board will review each application to decide upon acceptance.  
  • Dues are $200.00 per year and are due in full January 1st of that calendar year.  
  • Failure to pay dues by March 1st of that year will result in loss of membership at the sole, absolute and uncontrollable discretion of the TBN board.
  • Only one member from any profession will be admitted to the group.  
  • Members must stick to their original job description. If the services you offer change during your membership and you wish to inform the group of this you may be asked to re-apply for
  • membership at the sole and uncontrollable discretion of the TBN board.  
  • If your services are not clearly defined you may be asked by the board to define your
  • services more clearly to differentiate between members and their services as well as potential new members.
  • Each new member will have references checked and verified by the board.  
  • Members must hold the necessary licenses in their respective profession or industry.  
  • Members must conduct themselves professionally and ethically or their membership may be subject to termination at the sole, absolute and uncontrollable discretion of the TBN board.
  • Any membership terminated for cause may receive a pro-rated refund at the sole, absolute and uncontrollable discretion of the TBN board.
  • A TBN member who is directly responsible for new membership shall receive a $20 gift card.
  • The new member must have paid his/her membership dues.


  • Members will be granted 3 unexcused absences per quarter.  
  • Unexcused absence: not informing any board member of your absence in advance via email/phone. You may send a substitute in your place and no absence will be reflected.  
  • If absences continue the board will inform the member that their membership in TBN is in jeopardy.  
  • Membership may be terminated at the sole absolute and uncontrollable discretion of the TBN board.  
  • Meeting start time is 7:30am, please try to arrive before the meeting starts to avoid interruptions.  
  • Anyone arriving after 7:30 will not be allowed to give their 60 second commercial unless excused at the sole, absolute and uncontrollable discretion of the President.


  • Introduction and greeting by President at 7:30 a.m..  
  • 60 second commercial from all in attendance.  
  • Greet guests/new members. 
  • Weekly presentation (10-15 minute business presentation) or round-table business discussion.  
  • Old business discussion.  
  • New business discussion.  
  • Any administrative items.  
  • Passing of referrals and or testimonials (no additional business commercial).  
  • Presenter’s raffle (if you give the presentation it is customary to provide a $20 gift to be awarded to the person whose referral slip is pulled from the weekly referrals).  
  • Closing remarks by President.


  • By-Laws may be reviewed once a year by membership  
  • Changes must be completed in a timely fashion.  
  • Membership will discuss proposed by-law changes.  
  • TBN Board will vote on changes to be implemented.  
  • TBN Board will present updated by-laws to membership for vote.  
  • Membership vote is by majority rule (at least 12 members voting).  
  • A special meeting of TBN board may be called to address updating TBN by-laws at the sole absolute and uncontrollable discretion of the President.  
  • Format of the special meeting shall be the same as the by-laws review and shall consist of
  • TBN board members only. Any changes will be voted on by TBN membership (12 member minimum and majority rules).

Last Updated May 2021
by a TBN Board President: Frank Metrusky